English course – collège level


A lasting base structure of English

Collège (secondary school) is the first step for teenagers. It is at this moment that you must give them the structures and you have to push them to be able to use it. In college there are up to 8 subjects a day which makes it impossible for someone to really focus on 1 subject. Only an immersion in English allows teenagers to make real progress.

With 12 hours of English a day over 12 days, English almost become second nature. The alternation of practicing, writing, reading, listening, speaking enables a deeper and more lasting integration of the language.

Speaking English is a lucky opportunity and above all fun!


Only attending language class and doing exams is certainly not the way teenagers want to talk!

The balanced programme alternates from intensity (maximum of an hour), the sequences of lessons and exercises but also there are games, songs, sports and other fun activities. The objective is to show to teenagers that English is a tool for discovering, meeting people and exchanging experiences and much much more. From there, their motivation becomes natural and is seen in their work.

YES, staying with French people is more effective


Many parents ask us if a group of 18 children would switch back to French. Our answer is simple: the place does not matter, it is the programme and method that matters. Our concept originates from professional training and is committed to getting results.

So this is not just a summer camp where the animators speak in English. A variety of techniques are used to ensure that the teenagers maintain their English practice and our English animators are there to ensure no overload occurs.


Multiply your working abilities


Like sport coaches, our English courses provide all the tools and methods required to work better. We also make the teenagers understand that the more effective they work, the faster it is and the more free time they can have. The learning techniques provided, methods of working are naturally re-useable in all the other subjects. The variety of activities also aim to stimulate the memory which is an essential tool to be quicker.

Empowering yourself for more independence


The teenagers become self-sufficient at much earlier ages. Therefore we must set an example and show to how to become responsible, so they can make the right choices. During our English college course, our programme puts the teenagers in a position to be held responsible for their actions and they are also responsible for their future. Students are sometimes too relaxed about these issues as it is far away but in fact making them take responsibility at a younger age is a necessity.


Je tenais également à vous transmettre la grande satisfaction de Clément (et la nôtre bien sûr) à l’issue du stage de Toussaint qui lui a été très bénéfique. Il nous a dit à son retour « j’ai enfin compris la grammaire anglaise ! ». Tant pour Eloïse que pour Clément, le stage est plus qu’une réussite : bravo ! 

Monsieur P. 2015


Notre fille y était alors en 5e dans le groupe 4e/3e. C’était un peu difficile pour elle bien sûr, mais elle avait reconnu que cela lui avait fait du bien, donné une méthodologie et l’apprentissage des bonnes manières (oui!), mais surtout de l’assurance pour s’exprimer en anglais même de manière imparfaite, bref de se lancer.

Madame de S. 2017

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