Certification and labels


 ISQ OPQF qualification


Châteaux des langues is a training centre certified by the OPQF. This means the practices executed during our immersions are audited and validated by experts in continuous vocational training. Our organisation therefore allows our clients to benefit from our professionalism:

  • A commitment to continuous improvement to enhance confidence in our services.
  • The certainty of profiting from the best methods,
  • A proper solution to the expressed needs.

L’ISQ – the qualification organisation for intellectual services companies. It is the only company in France to issue this type of qualification, the ISQ is accredited by Cofrac (the French Accreditation Committee) according the NF X50-091 under standard no.4-0528

Accréditation DATADOCK


Datadock is the name of the database created by the 20 OPCA & OPACIF who have recently published a joint list of 21 indicators to validate compliance by trainin organisations with the six quality criteria fixed by the decree of 30th June 2015, which will be enforced from the 1st January 2017.

Chateau des Langues is of course accredited by DATADOCK and is therefore eligible for all support.


Certified centre for BULATS & BRIGHT


Chateau des Langues offers the chance to take a certified exams during the language immersions. This gives us financial support through various funding. The BULATS and BRIGHT have been validated by CNEFOP for all the branches and are therefore certified for the DATADOCK.

Certification number BULATS: FR 608

Certification number BRIGHT: XX