The UNOSEL quality label


Châteaux des Langues holds a UNOSEL label. The Union Nationale des Organisateurs de Séjours Éducatifs et Linguistiques brings together around fourty different organisations.

Founded in 1978, UNOSEL is the benchmark for advice, information, choice and quality. Its role is to guarantee to parents and sponsors a high level quality of all the residential courses offered by its members. After a membership process that every candidate organisation must complete, including site visits, UNOSEL ensures that all the relevant safety, quality and follow-up criteria are in place. It also offers an independent mediation procedure in case of litigation.


The majority of organisations offer teenage residential courses abroad. Complementary to the very effective English courses offered by Châteaux des langues, these courses allow teenagers to discover other countries and to open up culturally.

Our advice to achieve the best linguistic impact for teenagers if to alternate a language residential course at châteaux des langues for linguistic improvement, with a cultural residential course abroad to discover new horizons. We are naturally at the disposal of parents to advise them on the design of a personalised pathway to success for their teenagers.