English Immersion w/ CPF


The complete course


After years of teaching English, this immersion is the way to turn the page from progression tests. Our entire courses are blended and with the acceleration of the immersion with the durability of a year’s practice thanks to our e-learning platform. This structure which takes the best of the intensive and extensive solutions allows you to receive the best quality and the maximum invested time possible.

Once and for all


This comprehensive time, allows you to focus your immersion for a short period of time, instead of diluting it over several years without real progress. Following our immersion, we can give you the necessary tools to take charge in the development of your level, thus becoming automatic in your practice.


Take a step back

The 5 days of English immersion for adults is equally a great time to work on yourself. Beyond your skills, your self-confidence is a determining factor in being able to speak in public. Our human and motivating approach means that 100% of our participants say they leave their immersion feeling more confident in themselves than when they arrived.

The feel-good effect

The 5 days of the language immersion also gives the opportunity to enjoy yourself. Far from being a forbidden word, pleasure multiplies the chance of being more effective…or less! 100% of participants that have completed an immersion at Chateau des Langues have said they are more motivated when they left. Why not you?
Feeling good at work, goodwill, the ability to speak… all these soft skills are impossible to cram in . Only a sufficiently long period of time exposed to positive energy makes it possible to return to a resilient situation.

Châteaux des Langues - Château de la mazure immersion anglais en france


The key is the course in hand


To make it easier, we have created a complete all-inclusive package which ensures not to exceed the initial budget.
This includes a teaching routine, materials, accommodation and catering as well as travel from the nearest TGV station as well as the certifying evaluation that opens to all possible charges. No hidden additional costs!

Personalised follow-up administration


Our administrative team are on hand to help you assemble the documents. Managing the different expectations of different OPCAs is anything but simple. So don’t worry we have people who enjoy handling this! Let us help you make this task quick and painless.

The multiple certifications  of the language stays at Chateaux des Langues ensure support by the various systems in place. We normally always get full support.


We are open to immersions nearly every week. Each one is dedicated to a specific level. The first stage is to therefore take the online test, which you can begin by clicking below.

Begin the test

You are still unsure? Download a brochure where you can find all the information of our concept and then we will get in contact with you. We hope together, we can find the best solution for you!

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